Yamzu: the meeting place for sponsors and gamers

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In 2017 the eSports industry brought in 906 $ million in revenue and is on its way to hit 1.4 $ billion by 2022. Not only that, but it’s now the most watched sport by millennial men aged 18–25 who watch more hours of eSports a week than they do traditional sports. This is no surprise, considering streaming platform Twitch boasts 15 million daily active users who watch 23 billion minutes of video per month.

At the moment, the eSports business model is built on streaming, sponsorship, and standard compensation. As blockchain becomes more prevalent, we could see a shift to a more decentralized model of compensation and sponsorship. We could see a direct link between players and the companies that sponsor them, where new revenue models favor players.

Top eSports titles by viewership around the world in 2017 :

We can see in this study made by Superdataresearch the huge numbers of hours and viewers that attend these events as observers. Each game has its fan base that contributes actively. By following players, teams, tournaments, viewers create a huge virtual space and screens which in the future will be monetized by big companies as it offers huge exposure for their products. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and shooter games dominated viewership. With 273M for MOBA and 237M for shooters in month August, we notice that among the 10 most watched titles, four were shooters and two were MOBA, accounting for no less than 86% of viewers. Tournaments represent a big part in the top types of content eSports viewers watch. Here we have a division of stages of tournaments, and their afferent percentages of viewership.

Three in five eSport viewers watch player live streams, making them the most popular type of content in the eSports industry outside major tournaments. Finals and qualifiers get the most attention, whilst less critical stages of tournaments are being followed in smaller numbers. Player live streams are high on the list, this is mainly because pro players can communicate with their audience. Professional gamers broadcast practice gameplay on Twitch, allowing them to build relationships with fans and provides extra revenue source as streamers can earn money through donations and ads. This interactive experience creates a more personal bond between pros and viewers than is possible in real world scenarios. It is exactly this kind of new and unique experience what big sponsors and investors are looking for and they can use on-air shout-outs and ads. as powerful tools to reach and engage with their targeted audience.

We can see spreading interest around the world: association fight for pushing eSport as an official sport in the USA, big brands finding advertising space inside this arenas. Still, sponsors and advertisers have to face several obstacles when it comes to the logistical aspects behind arranging an eSports tournament. They must manually search for teams, meet these team’s requirements, and meet the high costs associated with renting venues, not to mention the costs associated with branding. Companies who want to sponsor or advertise through eSports tournaments will find the perfect partner in Yamzu. Influencers will also receive auxiliary benefits, such as the ability to host larger tournaments. Sponsors will not have to spend time and invaluable resources on manually searching for teams since they can be created directly on our platform.

Moreover, setting up a tournament on Yamzu is completely free of charge, no extra fee will be required of the sponsors. They only need to provide the prize pool which will be converted into tokens by Yamzu and the event is ready to launch. Yamzu’s platform will give access to the efficiency and speed native of Blockchain technology, that will ensure the correct execution of transactions as well as the reduction of expenses otherwise applicable (e.g. bank fees, legal fees, etc…). Becoming a sponsor on Yamzu will enable companies of any size to reach an already established gamer base, therefore avoiding the several costs associated with acquiring and securing an audience.

Using Yamzu, sponsors and advertisers can easily host competitions in a matter of minutes and target specific demographics of consumers (e.g. filtered by country or region) thus improving accessibility to a young and promising market.. Beyond that, the emergence of blockchain technology brings many benefits for players to safely and securely collect their winnings.