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Available Currencies ETH

Exchange Rate 1 YMZ = 0.1 €

3,050,000 €

Soft CAP 3,000,000 €

Hard CAP 13,000,000 €

Public pre-sale ends in:

What is Yamzu?





Established Swedish company earning revenue for the past 2 years

300% revenue growth rate experienced in the first 2 years of activity

Worldwide browser-based platform

The platform is already active and functioning

Active user base of 10k players


The Past

Yamzu constitution
Yamzu’s first “closed beta” is launched for League of Legends.
Yamzu starts generating revenue.

Q1 2016

Yamzu ends its first operational year with revenue higher than 800k SEK.

Q4 2016

Yamzu launches CS:GO in “closed beta”.

Q1 2017

CS: GO launches in “open beta” alongside League of Legends.

Q2 2017

The Yamzu engine is ready to support mobile games.
We celebrate the second and best year of the platform in terms of revenue. The platform generated more than 2.7 Million SEK for a roughly 300% growth on revenue generated in 2016.

Q4 2017

The Future

Token Sale

Q3 2018

Full implementation of YMZ Tokens into the platform.
Yamzu opens the platform to sponsors, influencers and partners
Launch of Yamzu merchandise line for gamers.
The YMZ will be quoted on trading platforms
Internal exchange implementation.

Q4 2018

The first mobile eSports games will be implemented in the platform.
More PC eSports titles will be available, including DOTA 2, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.

Q1 2019

Yamzu will hold its first global eSports events.

Q2 2019

By this point in time, Yamzu will have more than 20 eSports titles available on its platform, ranging from AAA to indie games.

Q4 2019

Yamzu will hold annual eSports championships for our top ten countries with the most users.

Q2 2020

Token Distribution

Token Sale: 72.1%

Advisory: 0.7%

Bounty: 1.8%

Team: 3.6%
(Locked for 24 months)

Exchange: 3.6%

YMZ(Internal): 18.1%

Use of Funds

Events and Marketing: 49.6%

Staff and Overhead: 21.7%

Blockchain and Smart Contract implementation: 12.8%

IT and Servers: 6.2%

Outsourcing: 5.1%

Software: 3.4%

Legal and Administrative: 0.9%

Token Sale


Public Pre-Sale ICO
Start date 25th July 2018 29th August 2018
End date 25th August 2018 29th September 2018
Bonus 30% 0%
Soft CAP 3,000,000 €
Hard CAP 13,000,000 €
Exchange Rate 1 YMZ = 0.1 €
Available Currencies ETH
Min. Contribution 0.1 ETH
Max. Contribution Unlimited (AML & KYC apply)



Asiad Majeed



Hristiyan Nikolov



Antonio Migliaccio



Morten Christensen



Mathias Hautala


Community & Marketing

Marcus Zacco


Community & Marketing

Jovan Radnic


Community & Marketing

Bartosz Navarra


Tech Team

Thomas Fredriksson


Tech Team

Elmer Kuloglija


Tech Team

Emil Priver


ICO Community Support

Maria Tokareva

ICO Community Support

Ilona Borsiak



Ian Scarffe


Ong Jun Hao


Joseph Lowe


Daniil Morozov


Jared Polites


Alex Chang


Ciprian Filip


Victor Chow


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