6 ways you can earn tokens on YAMZU

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Yamzu is one the most evolved gaming (tournament) platforms available on the market. Our features are unique in comparison to our competitors and have gradually improved over the last two years since our beginning. The fact that Yamzu is a browser-based platform brings many advantages, which is reflected in our daily user base growth — we’re now at 10,000 active gamers! Our platform is compatible with Counter-Strike and League of Legends at the moment and with the increase of new gamers, we are ready to include other blockbuster games for both PC and mobile.

From the first minute of accessing the platform, game creating advantages will become obvious to every type of user. For players, there are many ways of interacting with our platform, but the word “free” and “accessible” will define the multitude of options and the user experience (UX). For example, players are able to freely choose their team to play with or opponent to play against. Other platforms are more restrictive or they focus on different aspects of the players’ experience. Players have the freedom to create games, multi-team tournaments and any kind of customization they need. Uniquely our platforms offer the freedom for everybody to share their screen and stream video-action to everybody.

This is important for sponsors, as this feature magnifies the reach of tournaments and games, giving bigger exposure for both brands and players. Sponsors share the same advantages as the players, as well as any particular customization that is needed by brands in order to reach their targeted users. Integrated streaming is also available for sponsors who can create region targeted events, with the use of an interface that is equipped for planning and scheduling future events. Sponsors have access to commentators, and design teams that can help with promoting a brand through videos or any kind of marketing material.

To reward players actively utilizing our platform, a series of quests have been implemented. Here at Yamzu we focused on creating a unique experience for our gamers, and we did this by rewarding players who are frequent users of our platform. We set up an engaging reward system that motivates users to hunt for our daily, weekly, and monthly quests as well as bonuses awarded to players for winning streaks, top positions, and hall of fame presence.

Here are 6 ways you can earn tokens on Yamzu:

  1. Quests and bonuses:

> Daily quest

Play two games. Win one game.

> Weekly quest

Play five games. Win three games.

> Monthly

Play twenty games. Win ten games.

2. Best Winning Streak

The player that has won the most consecutive amount of games at the end of each day will receive some YMZ tokens as a bonus.

3. Leaderboard — Top Positions

To boost competition, Yamzu thought of providing tokens as rewards to players who aim for the top and through dedication and skills are able to reach high positions on Yamzu’s Leaderboard. The Leaderboard positions will depend upon a series of parameters that will establish the overall top 10 players for each game available on Yamzu’s platform. These amazing athletes will receive bonus YMZ tokens depending on their position at the end of each month.

4. Hall of Fame

Yamzu has set up a Hall of Fame containing different rewards on a monthly basis. This feature has been designed to reward not only the best players but also the most dedicated people who spend a lot of time on our platform.

The Hall of Fame has been structured as follows:

  • Rookie of the month.
  • Most wins in a month.
  • Most games played.
  • Most YMZ tokens won in a month.

Yamzu also allocates tokens to gamers just for validating an account with an e-mail address or for referring a friend.

5. Email Validation By simply linking your Yamzu account to an email address and successively validating it, the user will receive tokens as a bonus for having completed the process.

6. Refer a Friend

Yamzu always compensates the efforts of its users, especially when these efforts are dedicated to sponsoring our platform. This system has been structured to include a maximum number of 5 referrals. The user, after having validated the email address, can “refer a friend” and receive a certain amount of YMZ per new user as a reward. To be able to receive this the new user will have to play at least 10 games. This limit has been implemented to avoid the creation of accounts for purely speculative purposes.

Cutting out the middle-man

The primary focus of Yamzu is to provide players with a completely new avenue to regularly participate in eSports events. Yamzu cuts out the middle-man, without requiring a third party to monitor the outcome of contests. Moreover, the winners are not required to send screenshots or any other proof of victory. Yamzu automatically pinpoints the winners and awards them with the prizes. In fact, results update in real time so that all the interested parties can review the statistics of the match without any delay. By adopting the tokens and adapting the system already in place to include Blockchain features, Yamzu will be able to provide an even more reliable service to its customers as well as reducing costs and increasing transaction speed.

Virtual tokens with real world value

Yamzu wishes to create an environment where gamers can play freely and can monetize their efforts. Gamers can organize matches or tournaments and invite only their friends or leave the contests open to the public. The platform tracks statistics both in real time and over the course of weeks and months, providing a reliable and fair competitive environment for our community. Thanks to the introduction of YMZ tokens (“YMZ” or “Yamzu token”), players will have access to a reliable mean to store value and exchange value on our platform. Not only they will be able to earn an income in YMZ which will have a market value, hence introducing a completely new feature for eSports but they will also gain access to a series of features that can generate additional sources of value (e.g. meeting sponsors, streaming, purchasing in-game items, increased visibility)


Yamzu will combine elements of social and competitive gaming into what we have tested to be a unique gaming experience for all parties involved. Yamzu is creating a strong community in which players can enjoy a superior gaming experience whilst also having access to a successful way to monetize the time they have invested in their passion. Moreover, we believe the creation of such a virtuous system will encourage players to unite and generate a safe and respectful community where everyone can share their views and communicate with sponsors and amongst themselves other without any external interference.

Check out our latest video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZzmphaiLmk