Asiad Majeed


Asiad Majeed manages daily operations at Yamzu. A lifelong entrepreneur with international experience, Asiad brings a wealth of knowledge to bear on every phase of the business’s growth, having built Yamzu from the ground up. As a gamer since the industry’s infancy, he also possesses the unique insight necessary to ascertain the ever-evolving needs of the gaming community.

The Yamzu marketplace is in good hands. During Asiad’s time at Lulea Technical University, he studied economics and management under the tutelage of mentor Bob Proctor. Following university, he worked for five years in Costa Rica in a leadership capacity for sales organizations as well as in business planning for an American Forbes and York investment firm. Upon his return to Sweden, Asaid trained at I22 in Kiruna with the Army Arctic Rangers, who recognized his leadership ability and persuaded the founder to stay behind and train soldiers in Kiruna. Asiad speaks fluent Swedish, English, Spanish, and Arabic.