Jovan Radnic


Jovan is a young and skilled marketing assistant from Montenegro. “The Little Engine That Could” of the Yamzu team, Jovan found the first streamers to include in the closed beta in 2016 and since then he has overseen three main functions. Firstly, he maintains and interacts with the Yamzu community while also keeping abuzz of news in the broader gaming culture. Secondly, Jovan acts as the customer support mouthpiece for Yamzu—a function made most crucial by the direct feedback he gathers on the platform.

Finally, he also brainstorms ideas equally impressive for their creativity as for their sheer audacity. Prior to joining Yamzu for marketing, Jovan worked with artist “Can Dogan” in 2014-2015, managing artist’s social media and reaching out to partners. He secured “Can” a lucrative deal with Riot Games, League of Legends’ publisher. Jovan also has experience in event and project management.