Mathias Hautala


A leader in its purest essence who will stop at nothing until the task at hand is performed. Got his hands on his first computer at the mere age of 12 and has been involved within E-sports for over 15 years and he knows the in and outs of the industry. CEO and founder of LeagueShop, an online retailer for E-sport merchandise.

Overtook the role as General Manager for Team Property and managed to turn the team from the brink of financial and competetive wreckage to going head-to-head with many of the top elite teams within its scene. Co-owner of LeagueVines, one of the biggest League of Legends fanbased platforms with over 860 000 followers. Chef of an E-sport office located in Stockholm with over 20 employees. Ex-military and served two years in Stockholm and advanced to Squad Commander before returning to the E-sport industry. Mathias brings driver and creative entrepreneur with a clear vision of what it takes to be a leader.