Top questions about the Yamzu ICO

Our public pre-sale is now live with a huge 30% bonus for investors. Here are some of the top questions that we’ve been asked so far with regards to the Yamzu ICO.

1. “Is the platform an opportunity to compete in games and win money?”

Yes, our platform lets gamers host their own tournaments for free and create joint prize pools in the spirit of competition.

2. “What are the advantages for players from using your gaming platform?”

Our community has been running since 2016 and has grown beyond 10,000 users. Players like us for our simplicity, free to use service and focus on the most fun aspects of eSports.

3. “Great platform for games, guys! How many total tokens are prepared for sale?”

Currently there are 13 million tokens prepared for pre-sale (where you can get your 30% bonus), followed by another 13 million for ICO at the end of August.

4. “It seems that you already have a business? tell me, what is your game platform for? In order to hold competitions for money?”

Our business has been going since 2016, hosting CS:GO and League Of Legends tournaments. We love competition and gaming, so for us the platform needs to be both exciting and also ahead of the curve. We play a lot of games and talk constantly about what we can change, how our company can eliminate problems we have experienced for ourselves.

5. “Do you have competitors? What are your advantages?”

Everyone has competitors. Unlike other companies who want to do what we do we’re an established platform. Adding blockchain technology is not the sole purpose of our offer, just something that makes it more secure and fun for users. Our competitors try to promise this without having a basic platform established.

6. “On your platform will there only be world famous games or will you create your own games as well?”

We are not a video game company, we are an eSports platform. Very soon we will be adding way more games to our offer, and these all fall under the ‘world famous’ category.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Ask us more at twitter, or drop us an email. To take part in the Yamzu ICO and receive a 30% bonus to your initial investment click here.