What makes Yamzu the ultimate eSports platform?

You can join us on our journey by taking part in our ICO on July 25th. Early adopters can get a 30% bonus on their initial investment in the public pre-sale.

How do you prove you’re the best in eSports beyond a scoreline, points tally or ranking system? Our industry is young, unexplored and full of ideas. And ahead of a large influx of new users and popularity, there are loads of new platforms. In fact, due to the total amount of eSports players expected to nearly double by 2020 there is huge anticipation and development of new companies across the world who are trying to capture some of this remarkable increase while they can. So why play, or invest in Yamzu?

We were founded two years ago in 2016. As a company, we’re still incredibly young. But as gamers and business people, we’re long in the tooth. When we built Yamzu we were very clear on our founding principles: to make a gaming platform that addressed gamer’s needs before others and used our expertise to build a real community. By anticipating the needs of gaming before others we’ve grown quite a bit, with a growing number beyond 10,000 people now using our service. This number is increasing monthly, gamers have been responsive to our approach and word is spreading. Our ICO on July 25th will give gamers and investors an opportunity to get in on the action as our userbase increases.

For gamers there is a multitude of reasons to play with us. We’re free to use, free to join, free to host tournaments with and free of the rubbish that usually accompanies gaming platforms. After years of suffering lag, trolls and hidden fees we said ‘enough’, and players in their thousands have followed us into a better virtual world. Now, in continuation of our plan to make eSports even better, we are stepping forward with blockchain technology to help secure gamer’s assets.

There has been a lot of conversation about this kind of thing in both blockchain communities and video game spaces. The reason for this is that it makes a lot of sense. As video games gear towards digital assets, secure digital assets become more important. Smart contract systems give players actual ownership over assets, things can’t be wiped and the risk of hacks is massively reduced (we can’t emphasize this part enough). As games and eSports take more steps towards digital property this kind of thing is really important. There is also another issue that smart contracts tackles and that is cheating. Markets for pre-existing accounts are a problematic part of this industry and attempting to regulate ownership of assets is important in the face of what is essentially, digital doping.

Lots of people have spotted the potential here and are starting to build their own offers, but they don’t have what we already possess: a community. In the digital age where we are more likely to know people through social media than our neighbors, a strong digital community is a tricky thing to nurture and grow. Done correctly, they are spaces where people can share ideas, resources, and platforms. Good communities are hugely useful in videogaming already, with platforms like steam encouraging feedback and constant improvement through years of community cultivation. If you manage to build well, you have an extremely useful way to get instantaneous feedback constructively, without the blast furnace of internet anonymity.

Unlike other platforms that will focus solely on introducing blockchain as a tokenized gambling mechanic or promise to develop their community at a later date, we have an established, growing community who stand to immediately benefit from the improved security of blockchain implementation. Our approach consistently resonates with gamers, and our approach encourages evolution which is something that people who want to be at the cutting edge of whatever the newest game, tech or trend is, respond to. So until we have our equivalent of the billboard 100, the Forbes list or another measurement tool, we’d argue Yamzu is the best eSports platform out there. You can join us on our journey by taking part in our ICO on July 25th.

Early adopters can get a 30% bonus on their initial investment in the public pre-sale.