Yamzu joins forces with Alchemy Coin

We are excited to announce that we started what we think will be a fruitful collaboration between two different sectors that share common goals.

Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and host, one both affiliated with P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports an active platform gives strength to our projections. In the future, we will work with game developers by forming symbiotic relationships surrounding the creation of new games. In doing so, both Yamzu and value creators (e.g. developers) will collaborate to encourage more gamers to participate at the intersection of paid gaming and cryptocurrency.

Alchemy is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace. The platform allows for instant and direct lending between supply-side lenders and demand-side borrowers from all over the world in a trusted manner using the advantages of smart contracts and blockchain technology. Alchemy offers a unique architecture to analyze and structure a credit risk-adjusted rate with the utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The aim is to revolutionize the peer-to-peer lending market and serve as the leading infrastructure for credit providers and credit seekers.

“Ultimately, at Alchemy Coin, we are bankers,” said 22-year-old CEO Justin Jung. “But we’re not complete geeks — we like to have fun, too. And this deal with Yamzu truly warms my heart because we know our two networks will connect beautifully on so many levels. Kidding aside, this is a spectacular deal for Alchemy Coin and we can’t wait to get Yamzu gamers on our platform.”

Financial terms were not immediately made available due to the confidential nature of the transaction.

Our companies unite forces in order to tackle important issues surrounding centralized databases and centralized control. We believe in the power of collaboration and networking and we think together we’ll stand stronger in the face of future obstacles.

Find out more on our websites:

Yamzu https://yamzu.io

Alchemy https://alchemycoin.io